On Monday the 24th of October the final report of the committee Democratization and Decentralization has been presented. Based on this report a referendum will take place from the 23th of November until the 11th of December. This referendum will concern the following propositions:

  • The establishment of a “new style” senate: an organ in which all university groups are represented that will discuss and give advice about the policy of the UvA;
  • The establishment of a charter in which 8 core values are described about what a university is and should do;
  • Three new board models (i.e. colors orange, yellow, and green) for a democratization and decentralized university.

Dependent on how the students in every study vote, the outcome of this referendum will lead to many changes concerning education, research, and the way study organizations will have a say in the politics of the UvA.

So in short: it is very important to read more about this referendum and vote!

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Good luck!

What: D&D Referendum
When: 23/11/16-12/12/16
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