Q&A panel: Women & Gender minorities in cognitive (neuro)science

On May 9th, we’re organizing an informal but open informative session where students can ask questions to female scientists in our field, in different stages of their careers. 👩‍🔬📈 Although we have invited researchers from fields related to cognitive (neuro)science to join our panel, we expect the session to cover relevant topics for any young female or minority gender scientist, and also for anyone working with them. So basically everyone, and indeed everyone is very welcome and encouraged to attend! 🙂

Female and minority gender scientists unfortunately often have to deal with gender bias and unfair complications throughout their scientific career, and underrepresentation increases with career level. Being research master students, many of us are thinking about starting a career in research after graduation and want to be well-prepared.
Students who are considering an academic career sometimes have doubts and questions that are specific to being a woman/gender minority in science, and not all of us have a mentor or otherwise accessible way to look for answers.
Others might want to understand these issues better to effectively contribute to improving the situation in the future, but don’t know how. As an all female board this year, we thought we should do something about this. 🧠💪

This session will start with a plenary discussion of a few topics to start the conversation, after which the floor is yours for a fully open Q&A session!

Our panel will consist of the following excellent scientists who will be there to answer all of your questions:

• Esther Visser (PhD @ Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, VU)
• Nadine Dijkstra (PhD @ Artificial Cognitive Systems, Nijmegen)
• Anne Marije Kaag (postdoc @ UvA/VUmc)
• Marte Otten (UD/lecturer @ Department of Social Psychology, UvA)
• Iris van Rooij (PI @ Computational Cognitive Science, Nijmegen)
• Valeria Gazzola (department head @ Social Brain Lab, NIN)
• Hilde Huizenga (professor @ Developmental Psychology, UvA)

Some questions that we could discuss:
What issues do gender minorities in cognitive (neuro)science face, and how do we deal with them? What to do when you encounter sexism at work? What strategies work to improve gender equality and diversity within labs and institutes?
…and whatever else you want to know! 💡 Please leave suggestions in the sign-up form: https://goo.gl/forms/C6NC3ocfKxAqajJq2

We are very excited about this panel, and hope to see you all there! 🙌  P.S. We’ll go to Maslow for drinks afterwards 😉🍻