The board of Cognito consists currently of: Doris Dijksterhius (President, Secretary), Roos Voorvaart (Treasurer), Marianne de Heer Kloots (PR), Rebecca Geiselmann (Acquisition).


from left to right: Doris, Marianne, Rebecca, Roos


We are the board! Besides aiming at to always be there for our students and help out where Cognito can, we also have some personal goals. The fact that Cognito is a relatively small union, does not mean that we cannot grow. We are working on tightening our relationship with our sister student associations, our faculty and university.

Even though we are very proud of the help of everyone with the organization of the events and the commitment to help Cognito grow, the most important goal will always be go make sure that all MBCS have two (or more) fun, enlightening, and supportive years and look back at this time as an amazing (abroad) experience!

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Hello! So, you want a short description of me? I’m blond.

Kidding: I am a young scientist, passionate about science, colors, nature and animals. Also, I am enjoying the roll as president of the board a lot, because of all the nice people I am meeting and all the students I can help wherever is needed.



I am known under many names: my friends call me Moose, Cognito calls me the ‘The Money Girl’, and society calls me Roos. As treasurer of Cognito I make sure that every meeting, event, and party is well funded and organized. As a person, I make sure that my day contains at least one full hour of laughing, one creative outburst and a minimum of one clumsy action (the latter is not really by choice though…).

So if you ever need me, shout one of the above and I’ll be there to help!



Hi! My name is Marianne, aka the linguist, and as your PR & Communications person I regularly spam all your facebook groups promoting fun opportunities and info that might be relevant to you! But the other way around I’m also responsible for Cognito’s image to the outside world, i.e. maintaining this beautiful website, all of our social media presences and the promotion of our more public events. In my free time you will mostly find me studying and.. studying even more, but also traveling, spending time with friends, or learning about some random new thing that suddenly grabbed my interest. So if you ever have something that you would like all Cognito members to know, or just want to chat about life, hmu 🙂



Hello friends! I’m Rebecca, the ‘German’ among all these lovely cheese, tulips, liberty and tolerance fanatics. Moreover, people used to describe me as tall, but stopped doing so, for some reason, when I moved to the Netherlands… thus, I assume that there is no way around revealing the most secret rumors about my personality. Besides exploring the wonderful Netherlands to the fullest and trying to escape the insane quantity of H2O falling from the sky day by day, true happiness for me is spreading positivity, uniting people, and discovering inspiration through others.Yay! I’ve also heard that I am a globetrotter, ski and mountain fanatic, always late, music and art lover, nerd, non-official café/restaurant/festival tester and will never grow up. In regard to fantastic Cognito I have the privilege to closely collaborate with our sponsors, to make Roos happy and spend all the money on study-related events for our beloved members.