When you put together a group of driven, motivated, enthusiastic and talented people, you can only wait for surprising initiatives to pop up. This is what happened in 2006, when on 26 February the very first edition of “Café Cognitive” was organised by a couple of proactive MBCS students. The informal lecture combined cognitive research topics with critical discussion and social interaction. Many more of those meetings were to follow, from which the idea of founding an official student union arose. This eventually happened, when Cog(n)ito was officially founded on 10 March 2007. The name Cog(n)ito was chosen, because it made a nice combination between Cogito (of “cogito ergo sum”: I think, therefore I am) and cognition. Because they couldn’t decide on whether the name should be Cogito or Cognito, they decided to combine both names! Nowadays, the student union is generally referred to as Cognito, which we will also be doing here from now on.

When all the formal stuff was taken care of, Cognito was inaugurated for its members with a splendid party in October 2007. One of the following projects of this brand new student union, was Radio Cognito. Vanessa Ferdinand hosted the very first broadcast on 7 February of 2008. Speaking from Patapoe radio station, cognition related topics were discussed. We still hope to believe this was appreciated by a broader public than our own students only, but the number of technical terms that were used, may make it more plausible to assume otherwise. Only 2 months later, the very first issue of the Cognito newsletter was published. in 2012 the conclusion was drawn that Cognito desperately needed a “social committee”: a group of students organising fun stuff, like parties and other non-study related activities. Therefore, such a comittee was set up, which heralded a new era for Cognito. When also the newsletter was reborn, with new enthusiastic committee members, a new layout and new columns, Cognito’s established role in the life of MBCS students was a fact!

In line with the still ongoing road towards formalisation and maturity, Cognito’s very first general assembly was organised on 25 March of 2014, and in 2015 the official alumni network was launched. Other milestones of the last year included brewing Cognito beer, publishing the very first yearbook and organising a symposium for the first time!