Internship in Lyon

6-9 MONTHS RESEARCH INTERNSHIP available in Lyon, France at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, DYCOG Team, INSERM U1028 – CNRS UMR5292.

The internship will involve work on a recently funded ERC consolidator grant (PI, Lutz) on the neuroscientific study of mindfulness meditation. The project will examine the cross-sectional and longitudinal relationship between meditation training and attention and emotion regulation in brain and behavior. The student will have the opportunity to assist work on one of two novel paradigms that aim to investigate the impact of mindfulness meditation on the anticipation and experience of painful stimuli (EEG, fMRI).

The candidate would ideally be a Master’s student Cognitive Neuroscience, although students from related fields (e.g. Biology, Psychology) will also be considered. Additional experience in any of the following areas would also be relevant: knowledge and experience with Matlab, statistical software (R, SPSS), standard neuroimaging software (e.g. SPM, EEGlab). Proficiency in English is a must, and proficiency in French is strongly desirable. Primary duties will involve implementing experimental paradigms (EEG, fMRI), assisting participant recruitment and screening, as well as reception of participants. The student will also have the opportunity to process and analyze data.

To apply for this position, please send a curriculum vitea with references, and a cover letter describing research interest and experience to Jelle Zorn (



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