Social Committee

It is healthy to sometimes take a break from studying and have FUN! Well, luckily this is exactly why we, the social committee, are here for you. Our social committee consists of Laura Meershoek, Floor Nelissen, Kimberly Vuurboom, Susan van den Boogaard and Fabienne van Rossenberg.

Together we organise monthly non-study related events throughout the year, such as the Biking dinner, Halloween party, Sinterklaas games, Karaoke, Pubquiz, Carnaval, Sleepovers, Cognito Weekend and many more! Since there is so much freedom in choosing courses and internships, which is great, it is also easy to lose track of your fellow students. Besides the Tuesday drinks, we provide opportunities to catch up with each other or get to know new people whilst doing fun activities. So if you are in need of some friends, stress relief, beers, good conversations, dancing or anything else, come and join our events!