InternTips – InternQuests

The Research Master of Brain & Cognitive Sciences (MBCS) gives our students the opportunity to acquire hands on experience of the full empirical cycle, by completing two internships in research labs or companies -in the Netherlands or abroad- and by writing a full academic report. 

Every year about 50 new students join the Research Master of Brain & Cognitive Sciences: ready to start new courses and their first internship in January! 

Finding a suitable internship is quite stressful for many students, so Cognito is here to help out! We organise two events every year at the beginning of October, in which both first and second year students are invited.


After a very informational presentation from the MBCS about the technicalities of the internships that all students need to know, we participate in the event with some presentations from former students that share their internship experiences and give their tips and tricks to the rest of their students:

what went well, what went bad, useful advice, an insider’s view of how to handle finding and getting through an internship well, adventures from internships abroad, stories from internships in a company, bad experiences, how to contrastively reverse an unfortunate supervisor/internship match, and many more. 


In InternQuests, enthusiastic researchers from various labs that are looking for interns speak to the students offering their projects.

‘InternQuest’ aims at facilitating first year Master students and researchers to get to know each other and to support students to find an internship for their first research project. Every year we are happy to see many students finding something of their interest in this event and of course it is a very creative opportunity for researchers and students to get to know each other in a more casual environment.

Are you looking for interns and are interested in participating in our event beginning of October? Contact us and get the chance to participate in InternQuest by giving a short presentation (10/15 mins) about your current project(s) and the tasks and responsibilities that will be assigned to your interns! 

Of course the Cognito Student Union is always around to help out our students! Do you need advice? Are you stressed about finding or during your internships? Do you have questions? Come to us anytime or contact us through