Meet a Company

While the main aim of Brain & Cognitive Science Master is to equip students for academia and research, it also opens doors for industry careers, like consultancy and data analysis.

Academia isn’t for everyone, and MBCS alumni are currently employed in the private sector. To give our students the opportunity to network and explore careers outside of academia, the board hosts a yearly ‘Meet a Company’ event during which one or several company representatives give talks about their sector and careers.

What’s it like to work outside academia? What skills are required? How can our students leverage their academic background for a career in data science, consultancy, or non-profit work?

These and many more questions are broached during our ‘Meet a Company’ event!

Do you work at a company, non-profit, or in government, and have a background in neuroscience or psychology? We’d love to have you present at Meet a Company! Please get in touch with us at!