The Board

The 2021-2022 board of Cognito consists of: Dimitris Samouil (President), Morgan Diakite (Secretary), Rosa Großmann (Treasurer), Anne Marijn Bruijn (PR), Ben Davey (Acquisition) and Margot Steijger (General)

We are the board! Besides aiming at to always be there for our students and help out where Cognito can, we also have some personal goals. The fact that Cognito is a relatively small union, does not mean that we cannot grow. We are working on tightening our relationship with our sister student associations, our faculty and university.

Even though we are very proud of the help of everyone with the organization of the events and the commitment to help Cognito grow, the most important goal will always be go make sure that all MBCS have two (or more) fun, enlightening, and supportive years and look back at this time as an amazing experience!