The Newsletter committee consists of a crowd of skilled writers who contribute to MBCS’ own newsletter ‘Incognito’.

‘Incognito’ is a monthly 4-page epos full of interviews, scientific news, and updates related to Cognito. We keep in touch with our fellow students who are doing an internship abroad in the “Brainies Abroad” column, write about what’s next after this master’s in the “Alumnus Profile”, and we’ve had many other interesting interviews. Of course, there’s always room for some lighter brain-related entertainment, such as a cryptic cross word puzzle, a horoscope, and a comic.

Do you have a cool idea for the next ‘InCognito’ issue? Do you have crazy designing skills and would like to show them in our newsletter? Do you wanna give us an interview and inspire the rest of the MBCS community?

Contact the Newsletter Committee in newsletter.cognito@gmail.com .

From the last issue of 2018-2019.