In the annual Symposium we invite some enthusiastic researchers on a selected topic and we spend a day with various interested presentations, discussions, debates and of course an opportunity to get to talk with our academics in a more informal environment after the event. 

Our Symposium is being increasingly popular! In 2019 we were happy to organise a collaborative symposium with Verum – the student association of Forensic Sciences- on Criminal Minds!

With our symposium about ‘Criminal Minds’ we aimed to connect forensic sciences with cognitive neuroscience, including various disciplines and covering various aspects of the topic; from a biological to a cognitive and sociological approach.  

Our speakers in the Symposium 2019 were:

  • Dr Jorim Tielbeek from the  Vrije University of Amsterdam that talked about neuroscience of anti-social behavior
  • Dr. Athina Vidaki from the University of Rotterdam on forensic epigenetics.
  • Dr. Linda Geven from the University of Amsterdam on wrongful convictions
  • Prof. Dina Siegel-Rozenblit from University of Utrecht on criminology and organised crime

Stay tuned for more information on Symposium 2020!

Are you interested in being our sponsor for Symposium 2020 and be advertised in our event? Get in touch with us in and we will be happy to discuss the various possibilities.

Our poster for Symposium 2019 on ‘Criminal Minds’ .